Free Tutorial: Complex Cliffs and Bricks in Houdini

By: Saber Jlassi

In this video tutorial, I'll show you how to add complexity to cliffs and bricks in Houdini.

Over the last few week’s we’ve dropped a series of VFX tutorials covering how to develop various complex geometry inside Houdini. Today, we’re excited to bring you the next installment in the series by showing you how to create complex bricks and cliffs inside Houdini.

In this video tutorial, we’re going to take a look at how to use Houdini’s features to develop organic-looking brick walls, stairs, and cliffs. The tutorial will also show you how to utilize Houdini’s tools to create multi-colored bricks that still maintain their organic qualities.

Video Tutorial: Adding Complexity to Cliffs and Bricks in Houdini

Below you will find a free video tutorial on how to create rock-based bricks and cliffs in Houdini.

If you enjoy the tutorial, we highly recommend checking out our tutorials page where you will find many more tutorials on developing procedural assets inside Houdini.

Video Tutorial: Timecode Breakdown

  1. Intro (0:00)
  2. Wall with Bricks Part 1 (2:27)
  3. Wall with Bricks Part 2 (23:34)
  4. Wall with Bricks Part 3 (36:19)
  5. Cliff Wall Part 1 (44:56)
  6. Cliff Wall Part 2 (1:07:30)
  7. Cliff Wall Part 3 (1:16:59)
  8. Complex Volume Displacements (1:39:09)
  9. Sharp Cliffs (1:56:35)
  10. Rock Stairs (2:22:10)
  11. Mesh Cleanup (2:30:15)
  12. Setting Up a Network (2:34:47)
  13. Ground Geometry Using SOPs (2:49:36)
  14. Booleans (3:07:42)
  15. Homework and Challenges (3:16:26)

Learn More about Procedural Asset Development in Houdini

Want to learn more about developing procedural assets inside Houdini? These are a few of our favorite resources from around the web:

  1. Rock Creation for Procedural Environments – Rebelway
  2. Procedural Rock Formations in Houdini for VFX & Games – Rebelway
  3. Breakdown: Procedural Rock Generation in Houdini – 80.lv

We also frequently post about procedural creation processes on our tutorials page.

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