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Our passionate VFX student Cyrian Jalabert shares his inspiring journey. From humble self-taught beginnings to mastering Houdini with Rebelway, Cyrian’s story is one of resilience and determination. He’ll be unraveling his challenges and unveiling his ultimate aspiration of joining the prestigious ILM. Get inspired and discover the thrilling world of visual effects!

Introduction & Background in VFX:

I’m Cyrian Jalabert, a driven FX student from France with a fiery passion for film, visual effects, and the magic of programming. My fascination with this world began years ago in middle school, fueled by a voracious curiosity and a self-driven spirit. Back then, VFX knowledge wasn’t readily available online, so I had to pave my own path, diligently acquiring skills and soaking up whatever information I could find. High school brought new opportunities to experiment with various 3D software. It wasn’t until I encountered Houdini, with its vast potential and limitless possibilities, that I knew I’d found my true calling. From that moment on, I dedicated myself to mastering this powerful tool.

The Rebelway Challenge & Beyond:

It all began in the summer of 2022. As I followed the participants in the Rebelway Challenge, I was blown away by the incredible work of Guy Tourgeman. When the Fantasy FX course, based on the challenge, was announced, I was incredibly enthusiastic! The entire curriculum piqued my interest – the environment design, the spellbinding FX, the meticulous lighting, the efficient rendering with Mantra, and the seamless compositing. It was a treasure trove of knowledge waiting to be unearthed.

The course proved invaluable, equipping me with a diverse skillset across various VFX disciplines. But the learning didn’t stop there. 

Challenges presented themselves along the way, pushing me to new heights. One such challenge was crafting a detailed volcanic environmentI meticulously studied reference materials and poured my heart into every visual detail. Another challenge involved applying my newfound knowledge to create original elements, like the pulsating energy explosion with curved lightning or the Doctor Strange-inspired clone multiplication effect in the final shot. Overcoming these obstacles wasn’t easy, but by leveraging the power of research, collaborating with the community, paying close attention to detail, and maintaining a strong visual awareness, I not only achieved my goals but also honed my skills significantly.


Mastering Houdini & Expanding Capabilities:

The course opened my eyes to a plethora of techniques for crafting captivating effects and refining them further in compositing. It also demystified the rendering process with Mantra, equipping me with the confidence to configure render nodes, lights, and more. Overall, I gained invaluable skills that empower me to handle every aspect of a VFX project with ease. During this exciting learning journey, I discovered a burgeoning interest in lighting and environment creation, areas I’m eager to explore further.

Future Goals & Aspirations:

While I continue my studies, I’m committed to pushing my boundaries and refining my skills independently. The ever-evolving landscape of VFX, with its constant influx of new technologies and pipelineskeeps me energized and hungry for more. In addition to honing my technical skills, I’m drawn to the world of Python and aspire to develop tools that empower me to become an FX Technical Director. My ultimate dream? To one day contribute my talents to the legendary Industrial Light and Magic. Their groundbreaking work and their relentless pursuit of pushing creative boundaries have been a constant source of inspiration. This dream fuels my passion and serves as my guiding star.

Advice for Aspiring VFX Artists:

My advice for aspiring VFX artists is simple: never cut corners, take your time! Understanding the intricacies of your work is paramount. Add those tiny details that bring your shots to life, be patient, and work with unwavering dedication. These were the principles that steered me on my path, and I believe they’ll serve you well too.

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