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VFX scene created using Houdini Vellum

What is VEX in Houdini?

If you've already mastered Houdini's basic tools, it's time to start coding with VEX. Keep reading to learn more about this expression language.

pixar renderman bokeh depth of field dof quick tips

How to Land a VFX Internship

A VFX internship can be your golden ticket to the world of high-end movie, TV, and game production. Here are out tips on how to land one.

unreal engine 5 full release trailer

What Does a VFX Supervisor Do?

Want to know what it takes to become the final boss of VFX production? Dive in to learn what VFX supervisors do and what skills this job requires.

Blender 3.0 - Features Reel Showcase

Where to Start as a VFX Artist

Becoming a VFX artist is not easy - unless you know where to start! In this article, we cover the essentials of building a career in VFX.

Rebelway instructor Ramtin Ahmadi's Houdini animation

Are VFX Artists in Demand?

Not sure whether pursuing a career as a VFX artist is worth it? It absolutely is! Check out our VFX job market overview to see why.

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