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David Echteragen Interview

David Echterhagen

Rebelway Alumni David Echterhagen shares how a demo reel refresh helped him land his first job in the industry.

Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson shares how he develops FX work for live-events at Possible Productions.


Nathan Anderson

Nathan Anderson explains how Rebelway courses helped him land a job in Cape Town, South Africa.

Marcella Brown

Marcella Brown

VFX Artist Marcella Brown shares how Rebelway helped her land a dream job at ScanlineVFX.

Lana Titova

Lana Titova shares how Rebelway helped her grow her skills in the TV/Film industry.

Gavin Thin

Gavin Thin

FX Artist Gavin Thin shares how Rebelway courses helped him grow his skills.

Hunter Williams

Hunter Williams

FX artist Hunter Williams shares how Rebelway helped him create impressive sci-fi projects at Luma Pictures.


Bronic Bednarek

Bronic Bednarek shares how Rebelway helped him grow his skills beyond After Effects and C4D.

Aidan Merryman

Aidan Merryman

Aidan Merryman shares how Rebelway's FX courses helped him achieve his VFX goals at Framestore.

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