Procedural Rock Formations in Houdini for VFX and Games


In this video tutorial, Saber Jlassi will show you how to create procedural rock formations in Houdini for Unreal Engine 4.

Creating landscapes and rocks can be a very fun and rewarding experience. Oftentimes you can get away with simply adding noise or even using photo scans. But what if you wanted to create rocks in a procedural way that can then be used for realtime rendering or bulk asset creation? In this awesome presentation from SIGGRAPH 2017, Saber Jlassi shows you how to look at rocks and interpret how to recreate them in Houdini.

In the video, you’ll learn:

  1. How to Analyze Rock Formations
  2. How to Use Noise to Create Rocks
  3. How to Use Volumes to Increase Realistic Noise
  4. Node Patterns for Creating Many Rocks at the Same Time

We hope you enjoy it! If you want to learn more about creating landscapes and rocks, check out our Environment Creation in Houdini course here at Rebelway. You can also download free lessons from the course page.

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