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Employer Reimbursement - Save 100%

Most employers offer reimbursement on courses for educational advancement. Chat with your employer to see if they offer this perk. You can also download a PDF guide on our courses to show to your boss or HR manager.

The Chase - VFX School Financial Aid
Destruction - VFX School Financial Aid

VFX Bundles - Save Up to $1495

You can save big when you purchase a bundle from Rebelway. By pre-paying for 4 or 8 courses, you can save hundreds off the cost of each individual course.

Split-Pay Option

We offer a convenient two-pay option to make it as easy as possible for everyone to join our program. Simply select the 50% installment option at checkout to pay only 50% now and 50% in 30 days.

Compositing in Nuke - VFX School Financial Aid
Shark FX - VFX School Financial Aid

24-Month Financing and 4-Pay

Using PayPal you can split payments even further with 24-month financing and 4-pay options. To choose this option, select Paypal at checkout using pay-in-full, in the popup window, scroll to the bottom and select either the 24-month option or 4-pay.

This option is only available for residents of the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.

Tax Write-Offs

Tax codes often allow for education to be written off as professional development. While we legally cannot give specific tax advice, many of our students use Rebelway courses to save on taxes. Please consult an accountant if you have specific tax questions.

Advanced Compositing - VFX School Financial Aid

An Affordable Alternative to VFX School

Realtime FX for Games and Cinematics Course Preview Featured Image

Cheaper than Art College

By choosing Rebelway you can save over $100,000 off the cost of your education by choosing to learn with us over expensive art colleges. We have hundreds of students at the highest levels of the industry.

VFX artwork by Hunter Williams

Proven Results

Our students work at the biggest studios in the world including ILM, DNEG, and Weta. We work with our students to prepare them to land their dream job. We want to help you achieve your VFX goals.

Explosion FX - VFX School Financial Aid

21st Century Training

Art schools have an incredibly hard time keeping up with the latest trends and technical innovations. However, at Rebelway we work with active artists in the industry to share up-to-date techniques.

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