The One And Only Ivan | VFX Breakdown

By: MPC Film

The One And Only Ivan | VFX Breakdown

Made by: MPC Film


Take a look at how MPC Film brought to life all kinds of animals, photo-realistic CG environments, and digital set extensions in The One And Only Ivan.
Words from the artist:

500 artists across MPC Film’s studios in London, Montreal and Bangalore worked together to bring to life The One and Only Ivan’s 9 primary characters Ivan the Gorilla, Bob the dog, Ruby the baby elephant, Stella the elephant, Frankie the seal, Murphy the rabbit, Snickers the poodle, Henrietta the chicken and Thelma the parrot, and the film’s photo-realistic full CG environments and digital set extensions.

Thank you to our Director, Thea Sharrock, Angelina Jolie, Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Danny Devito, Helen Mirren.



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