The Rebelway FX Challenge:
Win a Puget-System VFX Workstation

Hosted By: Rebelway, PugetSystems, SideFX, & The Rookies

Want to win a custom VFX ready workshop? Enter the Rebelway FX challenge today!

The team at Rebelway is thrilled to announce our biggest contest ever, The Rebelway FX challenge! The contest will challenge you to develop impressive FX work for this 3D scene using your software of choice. 

Note: There is no sound in this video, but you can add sound FX to your finished scene if you’d like.

The Sponsors

Rebelway Logo

Epic VFX Training

America’s Custom Computer Leader

Developers of Houdini

A Community for Digital Artists

The Prizes

1st Prize

  1. A Top-of-the-Line VFX Workstation from Puget Systems. (latest threadripper build Valued at over $5,500) This configuration or the latest version of the CPU available at the prize delivery date.
  2. 1x Intuos Pro Medium
  3. A Houdini License of Choice from SideFX
  4. 2x Rebelway Courses

2nd Prize

  1. A GeForce RTX 3080 Graphic Card or GTX 2080ti , depending on availability.
  2. A Houdini License of Choice from SideFX
  3. 2x Rebelway Courses

3rd Prize

  1. A Houdini License of Choice from SideFX
  2. 1x Rebelway Course

The Judges

Steven Knipping

FX TD at Industrial Light and Magic

Ahmed Gharraph

Head of CG / FX Supervisor at Framestore

Cory Jamieson

Co-Founder of Barnstorm VFX

Omar Meradi

Lead FX / Senior Houdini FX at Rodeo FX

Igor Zanic

Co-Founder of Rebelway


Steven Knipping

Saber Jlassi

Urban Bradesko


This contest will test your FX skills by asking you to add FX to at least one full shot (200 frame minimum) from the scene above.

For contest details, download files, and to submit your project, please visit the contest page over on The Rookies website. 

Best of luck, we look forward to seeing your submissions soon.

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