VFX Inspiration: 6 Epic Demo Reels and Projects from Rebelway Alumni

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Want some VFX Inspiration? Check out these 6 incredible demo reels and projects from Rebelway Alumni.

This week we thought it’d be fun to share some work created by our some impressive Rebelway Alumni. Each of these demo reels was created by someone who took one of our courses. Needless to say, we are super impressed by all of their work.

1. Nathan Timothy Anderson: MOLTEN

Check out this fantastic short film created by Nathan Anderson. The whole project was created in Houdini, with Quixel assets, rendered with Renderman, and composited in Nuke. Nathan currently works at a studio called Priest in South Africa. 

  1. Read the full Interview
  2. Visit Nathan’s Vimeo Page

2. Marcella Brown: FX Reel 2020

Take a look at this breathtaking reel created by Marcella Brown who currently works at ScanlineVFX. She started learning 3D back in 2010. In this Reel, she shows the work she did on the Midway movie. She also has her own podcast called: The VFX Club Podcast. 

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  2. Visit Marcella’s Vimeo Page

3. Hunter Williams - 2019 FX Artist Reel

Hunter Williams currently works at Luma Pictures as an FX Artist. Check out this incredible project that he created while being enrolled in the Magical FX course. 

  1. Visit Hunters’s Vimeo Page
  2. Read the Full Interview

4. Max Moseley: DemoReel FX

Max currently works at Blizzard Entertainment as an FX Artist. He first started with 3D around the age of 14. This demo reel shows a variety of different projects that Max have worked on. 

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  2. Visit Max’s Vimeo Page

5. Gavin Thin: Street Invasion

Gavin currently works as a freelance FX artist. His first experience with 3D started during his college years. At the moment, his favourit personal project is “Street Invasion” seen below.

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  2. Visit Gavin’s Vimeo Page

6. Bronic Bednarek: Showreel 2020

Bronic Bednarek’s favourit project to date is his work on Strange Angel Season 2, which are included in his showreel. That specific project had many elements to complete, from clouds, flames, ocean and much more.

  1. Read the Full Interview
  2. Visit Bronic’s Vimeo Page

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