Realistic Lighting In Houdini & Karma XPU | Tokyo Street Scene

By: Dmitry Gromov

Join Dmitry Gromov as he leads you through creating Realistic Lighting In Houdini & Karma for a Tokyo Street Scene.

In this Free Tutorial, we first dive into the scene setup as we transition to geo+mtl usds, rendering gray shade to breathe life into your creation, Then, we explore the world of FX layers – exporting necessary parts from the master scene, creating FX, and applying FX layers to the master scene. 

But that’s not all, Dmitry will also share expert insights on incorporating light sources, configuring the Karma render node, and optimizing settings for stunning results. 

Lastly, we’ll be exploring Compositing – a simple A over B comp (in our case) + some lens magic.                      Ready to start creating? 

Check out some of Dmitry Gromov‘s work here:


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