Interior Burning & Cloth Tearing Free Houdini & Karma Tutorial

Instructor: Saber Jlassi & Andrew Sutherland

FX Artist: Anton Dann

Saber Jlassi and Andrew Sutherland will show you how to create Interior Burning FX with Cloth Tearing effects using Pyro and vellum

Create amazing VFX with Saber Jlassi and Andrew Sutherland using this insightful free tutorial.

Join Saber as he skillfully navigates through shading, lighting, and rendering in Karma, providing a solid foundation for the Interior Burning and Cloth Tearing effects that will unfold.

The expertise of Saber sets the stage for the next phase of the tutorial, where Andrew Sutherland takes the reins to unravel the complexities of the simulation process. dive into the techniques of Pyro and Vellum as Andrew meticulously explains the simulation process.

This endeavor was initially conceived by one of our own Anton Dann, a remarkable Rebelway student .
Get ready to be inspired as you follow along with the magic behind this extraordinary project.
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Interior Burning & Cloth Tearing Houdini Tutorial

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