VFX Inspiration: 6 Amazing Houdini Demo Reels

By: Rebelway

Want some VFX Inspiration? Check out these 6 incredible Houdini demo reels from world-class artists.

Sometimes you may see a Houdini demo reel and say, “wow”.

Other times, a demo reel may inspire you to create your own project.

And every now and then a demo reel comes around that is so profound and awesome, it makes you question your skills as an artist. These demo reels fall into that category…

Every week, we like to share inspiring Houdini work on blog and Instagram channel, but in this article we’re going to specifically focus on some of our favorite Houdini reels.

Get ready to be inspired! 

1. Fabian Nowak: FX Showreel

Fabian’s career at Industrial Light & Magic and MPC has led him to work on some of the biggest FX projects in the world. In addition to be a fantastic human, he possesses a wide range of FX skills and you will instantly recognize his work from blockbuster films.

Visit Fabian’s Vimeo Channel

2. Francisco Rodriguez: VFX Demo Reel

Returning back to ILM, Francisco Rodriguez work on Star Wars has led him to create some of the most memorable FX from some of your favorite Disney films. He has now been at ILM for almost 10 years, and his work there is truly inspiring.

Visit Francisco’s Portfolio

3. Miguel Perez Senent: FX Demo Reel

Avengers, check. Star Wars, check. Miguel Perez Senet’s demo reel below is a masterclass in large scale destruction work. His gigantic explosion FX are truly one of the coolest examples of Houdini work on the planet.

Visit Miguel’s Vimeo Channel

4. Hunter Williams: FX Artist Reel

As a Rebelway alumni and all-around great person, Hunter Williams is creating inspiring FX work for some of the biggest modern films including Godzilla vs Kong. This reel below is a little older, but nonetheless, it is still mind-blowing. Great work Hunter!

Visit Hunter’s Portfolio

5. Sam Rickles: VFX Demo Reel 2018

Sam’s career in VFX is slightly more whimsical than the other reels on this list. He has focused on doing FX work for animated films like the Hotel Transylvania series, but also has his fair share of realistic FX in films like Guardians of the Galaxy.

See Sam’s Linkedin

6. Wing Kwok: VFX Demo Reel

How is it possible that someone was creating incredible FX work like this 7 years ago? We’re not entirely sure. However, Wing’s work on films like The Amazing Spiderman are still… well, amazing.

See Wing’s IMDB Profile

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