Webinar: Create Looping Realtime FX for Games

By: Urban Bradesko

In this webinar, Urban Bradesko shows us how to create looping realtime FX for games and cinematics.

Unlike typical VFX work, FX for games typcially require artists to create looping variations of their FX work. This is especially true of atmospheric or environment effects. This process can be very confusing to people who are new to realtime FX. As a result, the team at Rebelway decided to host a free webinar showcasing how to develop incredible looping FX using Houdini and Unreal Engine.

Webinar: Create Looping Realtime FX Using Unreal

The webinar (found below) is hosted by Realtime FX for Games and Cinematics instructor, Urban Bradesko. During the webinar, Urban will give real-world examples from AAA games, showcasing how they handle their looping FX work.

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If you’re feeling inspired to learn more about how to create realtime FX like a pro, we highly recommend checking out the course on our site. If you’ve ever wanted to create FX that rival that of your favorite game, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the course and request free lessons to be sent to your inbox.

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