Fireball vs Coke Houdini Melting Simulation

By: Andrew Sutherland.

Welcome to an exciting journey in this new free Fireball vs Coke Houdini Melting Simulation Tutorial

We’re excited to announce a brand-new FREE tutorial led by one of our own Andrew Sutherland.

In this free tutorial, we’ll explore the process of melting a drink bottle. As the plastic heats up, it changes viscosity and color. The sphere dynamically interacts with the plastic, emitting both smoke and liquid.

This tutorial focuses on transferring attributes, a powerful concept in Houdini that allows for precise control and art direction of simulations. 

We’ll be covering: Creating, transferring, masking, and overriding attributes, Adding Pyro elements, and Implementing a small-scale liquid simulation using Vellum fluids.

This tutorial is designed to give you practical skills and insights into advanced Houdini techniques.

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