Felipe Pesántez

Technical lead, Machine learning engineer, Data scientist, Software developer

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Introducing Felipe Pesántez
A Technical Lead, AI Engineer, and Full Stack Developer Joining Rebelway

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our Rebelway team, Felipe Pesántez, a seasoned professional with an impressive portfolio spanning over 12 years. 

Felipe brings a wealth of experience as a Technical Lead, Manager, and AI Developer, having worked across diverse VFX aspects such as game development, computer graphics and more.

1- Professional Background:

Felipe has a robust background in film and technology, covering a wide spectrum of roles and responsibilities. 

His expertise extends to data science, machine learning, software development, design, simulations, and technical pipeline and tools. 

Notably, he has excelled in the film and tech industries, specializing in Python development, pipeline implementation, software development, web design, and Cloud services.


2- Felipe's Stellar Portfolio

Felipe’s journey includes significant roles at renowned companies such as Improbable, DNEG, Framestore, MPC Episodic, Axis Studios, and Weta Digital. 

His responsibilities ranged from technical supervision, project and team management, to leading AI implementation, R&D, and graphics programming. 

Noteworthy projects include contributions to Avatar: The way of water, Metaverse, and character-centric endeavors, showcasing his full-stack development skills with TypeScript and JavaScript.

From employing procedural techniques for terrain modeling to providing masks for look development, Felipe’s technical finesse was instrumental.

His expertise extended to scattering and set dressing, where he breathed life into the movie’s landscapes, meticulously placing plants, rocks, and trees. 


3- A Technological Virtuoso's Impact on The Lion King

At MPC London, Felipe Pesantez played a crucial role in the Lion King movie, contributing significantly to shots, sets, and the overall pipeline. 

He spearheaded the development of the moss system, dressing and scatter tools, vegetation, procedural elements, textures, and look development. 

This showcases not only his individual expertise but also the collaborative effort that defines successful projects. Teamwork is at the core of Felipe’s pride in contributing to The Lion King’s collective success.



4- Skills:

Felipe boasts an impressive skill set, ranging from technical and project management to proficiency in Python, C++, Rust, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and HTML

His expertise also spans data science, machine learning, VFX supervision, modeling, lighting, lookdev, and Unreal Engine development, demonstrating his versatility across various domains.

5- Portfolio:

Felipe Pesántez

Explore Felipe’s feature film portfolio on ArtStation and connect with him on LinkedIn to learn more about his journey and contributions to the industry.

Artstation Profile

Linkedin Profile 

Rebelway is privileged to welcome Felipe Pesántez, a seasoned professional with a proven track record in the film and technology sectors. 

His diverse skill set and extensive experience make him a valuable addition to our team, and we look forward to the innovative contributions he will bring to our community.

For a more in-depth look at Felipe’s career and achievements, you can visit his Vimeo and GitHub profiles.

Welcome aboard, Felipe!

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