Epic VFX Breakdowns from 2021 Oscars Nominees

By: Rebelway

Take a look at VFX Breakdowns from this year’s Oscar Nominees.

93rd Annual Academy Awards took place on Sunday, 25th of April. Tenet won a well-deserved award for Best Visual Effects. As a result, we thought it would be awesome if we put together all VFX Breakdowns from the Oscar nominees.

1. Tenet - WINNER

Tenet is a science fiction action thriller for 2020, written and directed by Christopher Nolan, produced with Emma Thomas, starring John David Washington has won an Oscar for best visual effects. Editor Jennifer Lame estimated the final cut of “Tenet” has under 300 visual effects shots.

2. Love And Monsters

Actor Dylan O’Brien and VFX Supervisor Matt Sloan break down the visual effects behind the giant hell crab fight scene in Love and Monsters. The movie is a 2020 American monster adventure film directed by Michael Matthews, with Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen serving as producers. 

CG monsters, each based on real animals like snails, frogs, crab and centipedes, were crafted out of Mr. X’s Adelaide and Bangalore studios, with the team delivering 463 shots.

3. The Midnight Sky

The Midnight Sky is a 2020 American science fiction film directed by George Clooney, based on the 2016 novel Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton. It stars Clooney as a scientist who must venture through the Arctic Circle to warn off a returning spaceship following a global catastrophe. 

Framestore assembled a sci-fi dream team to join Production VFX Supervisor Matt Kasmir; academy award-winning VFX Supervisor Chris Lawrence (Gravity, The Martian).

4. Mulan

Mulan is a 2020 American fantasy action drama film produced by Walt Disney Pictures. Directed by Niki Caro, with a screenplay by Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, Lauren Hynek, and Elizabeth Martin, it is a live-action adaptation of Disney’s 1998 animated film of the same name, itself based on the Chinese folklore story, “The Ballad of Mulan”. The film stars Yifei Liu. 

About 2,046 visual effects shots were produced by Weta Digital, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Image Engine, Framestore, Crafty Apes and an in-house team. 

5. The One And Only Ivan

The One and Only Ivan is a 2020 American fantasy drama film directed by Thea Sharrock from a screenplay written by Mike White based on the children’s novel of the same name by K. A. Applegate. Inspired by the true story of Ivan the gorilla, the film stars the voices of Sam Rockwell as Ivan alongside Angelina Jolie (who helped to produce the film).

500 artists across MPC Film’s studios in London, Montreal and Bangalore worked together to bring to life The One and Only Ivan’s 9 primary characters and the film’s photorealistic full CG environments and digital set extensions.

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