Construction Zone in Houdini: Free project files

By: Carsten Baars

Carsten Baars created these tools to generate fully procedural construction zone in Houdini.

He then used them to create amazing destruction shots for his demo reel and you can now have access to the same tools for free. You will be able to learn how these assets were built as-well as use them to assemble 3d scenes that can be used to create cool and complex destruction fx.

Construction Assets In Houdini | Free Project File

Unlock your creative potential with this free project file for construction assets in Houdini. Whether you’re a 3D artist, a student, or a hobbyist, these downloadable assets will help you accelerate your 3D construction projects. Jumpstart your creativity and save time with these ready-to-use resources. Download now and start building your 3D construction dreams today!

Download the Project Files

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Learn More About Carsten's Work

Checkout this awesome interview with Carsten and learn more about his work.


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