How to Get Hired as a VFX Artist: an Interview With Hannah Killian

If you feel like landing a job in VFX is nearly impossible, check out these job hunting tips from Barnstorm VFX's Talent Manager Hannah Killian.

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How to Freelance as a VFX Artist

Freelancing can be tricky, especially in VFX. Learn how to minimize the risks and maximize the perks of flying solo.

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Which Renderer to Use for VFX Work

RenderMan, Arnold, or V-Ray? Are built-in renderers any good? What even is cloud rendering? We got the answers to all these questions and more!

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Unity vs. Unreal Engine: Which is Best for Real-Time VFX

Unity vs. Unreal Engine: Which is Best for Real-Time VFX

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Frédérik Barbeau | Alumni Success Story

Frédérik Barbeau on his experience as a 3D art student in college vs. at Rebelway and landing his first gig as a VFX artist.

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From an Unpaid Roto Artist to a VFX Studio CEO: Kseniia Ivanova’s VFX Journey

Kseniia Ivanova on her experience working as a VFX artist in Russia and abroad, overcoming sexism in the industry, and starting her own VFX studio.

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How I Conquered Fluid Simulations: A Chat with Pham Duong Vũ

Rebelway alumnus Vũ Phạm talks about how learning Houdini allowed him to grow his archviz business and expand it to 3D animation and VFX.

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What is VEX in Houdini?

If you've already mastered Houdini's basic tools, it's time to start coding with VEX. Keep reading to learn more about this expression language.

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The History of VFX: How the Morphing Effect Evolved

From the 1980s sci-fi movies to the 2020s Hollywood action films, let's examine how one of our favorite VFX changed in a few decades.

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How to Land a VFX Internship

A VFX internship can be your golden ticket to the world of high-end movie, TV, and game production. Here are out tips on how to land one.

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