What Does a VFX Supervisor Do?

Want to know what it takes to become the final boss of VFX production? Dive in to learn what VFX supervisors do and what skills this job requires.

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Where to Start as a VFX Artist

Becoming a VFX artist is not easy - unless you know where to start! In this article, we cover the essentials of building a career in VFX.

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Are VFX Artists in Demand?

Not sure whether pursuing a career as a VFX artist is worth it? It absolutely is! Check out our VFX job market overview to see why.

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129 Terms Every VFX Artist Should Know

Does VFX slang sometimes sound like an entirely different language to you? Get ready to take notes because our VFX glossary has all the terms you need!

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The Best Visual Effects Schools for Aspiring VFX Artists

Looking to finally make your dream about becoming an FX artist come true? Here are some of the best VFX schools for aspiring VFX artists.

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Our Favorite YouTube Channels for VFX Artists

Want to find a YouTube channel with plenty of educational content for VFX artists? Click to see some of our favorites.

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Our Favorite VFX Blogs for Inspiration

Check out this list of our favorite VFX blogs from around the industry.

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The Best Black Friday Deals for VFX Artists

Whether you are looking to buy a new high-end laptop or a VFX course, in this article you will find plenty of awesome Black Friday deals.

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Carsten Baars | Alumni Success Story

FX Artist Carsten Baars talks about studying VFX and shares a detailed breakdown of his latest Houdini simulation.

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The Best Places to Share Your VFX Work (And Get Noticed)

If you are looking for the best platforms to promote your art, check out this article with the top 5 websites to post your creations.

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