Robot Artists: How Proceduralism is Changing the 3D Industry

In this article, Adolfo Reverón shares how proceduralism is changing the way artists develop assets for games, television, & film.​

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The Man in the High Castle | VFX Breakdown

The Embassy created these incredible VFX shots for The Man in the High Castle.

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Project Buffalo VFX Breakdown

Wayne Osborne created some incredible VFX work for 'Project Buffalo'.

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Idiotic VFX Showreel 2020

Idiotic created this beautiful VFX breakdown featuring some of their best creature/animal design work over the last year.

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José Mauro Lobão | Houdini Reel 2020

José Mauro Lobão's Houdini game is incredible. This FX breakdown left of speechless.

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LottoMax VFX Breakdown

SHED created this awesome VFX breakdown featuring particle based crowd dynamics for FX work.

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Megan | VFX Breakdown by Gradient Effects

This awesome VFX breakdown from Gradient Pictures highlights VFX created for the film Megan.

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This incredible project from Tiel Elbereth showcases awesome work from Mastering FX in Houdini (Level 2).

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