Students' Feedback

Voices from the Classroom: Unfiltered Feedback from our Students

Steven Messing, Art Director: Avatar Sequels, Mufasa The Lion King, Gladiator 2.

Rebelway has been an invaluable resource for me to stay current with advanced technical skills in the VFX Industry.
I have been working for 20 years in film. As an Art Director and VFX artist. Rebelway has been one of the best resources for me to up my skillset.

Andreas C - Rebelway student

  • I’ve taken several courses at Rebelway, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. As someone serious about a career in VFX, I’ve found their teaching methods, online videos, and course structure incredibly effective and engaging. Rebelway’s courses break down complex Houdini techniques into easy-to-understand lessons. The instructors are top-notch professionals who really know how to teach. What I really appreciate is that I can revisit the course materials anytime, using them as a reference library for advanced techniques whenever I need a refresher. I know the cost might seem high if it’s your first course, but I can honestly say it’s worth every penny, and starting out the right way with the right material and people, is way better than scouring the internet for half-baked tutorials that fails to draw a solid conclusion on a given topic. Here you get the real deal, by real professionals and real world applicable scenarios. The skills I’ve gained have directly impacted my work, making me more confident and competent in tackling professional projects. It’s paramount to learn something right the first time. That alone will save you so much headache and time in the long run – I speak from experience. If you’re serious about getting into the VFX industry, Rebelway offers in my opinion, some of the very best high-end courses to help you get there. That being said, it’s not your quick n’ dirty tutorials. It’s in depth and you need to put in the time, but the reward is palpable! Investing in Rebelway has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my career. I highly recommend it to anyone ready to start in VFX and take their skills to the next level.

Lada Baibak - Rebelway student

I’m very proud of my progress during my course at Rebelway.

When i first started, I didn’t know how to set up a scene, how to deal with materials, how to compose everything. But I want to praise Rebelway instructors, they are not just awesome in VFX, they also have a great talent for explaining, they know how to chew things to beginners, and they know how to teach.

My first weeks were quite clumsy, but as I progressed with the course, I got more and more confident, and by the end of the course I finally got the result that I am satisfied with and proud to show as my portfolio.

I want to say thank you to Rebelway, with their help I am finally able to create something on my own.

Sam Savage - Rebelway student

Over the years I have attended many of Rebelway courses, Saber and Igor have created a great online CG school with many well-known industry professional instructors giving valuable information and techniques for students to use to build their demo reels. I have personally taken their water courses from Igor Zanic and Juri Bryan and can’t say enough good things about them, both igor and Juri are extremely talented individuals and powerhouses when it comes to flip simulations, I learned a lot from them and I’m very grateful. 

The techniques u learn in the water courses are hard to come by elsewhere and have personally helped me a lot in understanding flip as well as how to think like an artist in production on how to tackle huge shots and work efficiently. I have also attended Advanced Magical fx by Hunter Williams, hunter goes in-depth into technical workflows as well as giving valuable insight into production techniques, his way of teaching was easy to understand, and is just another amazing artist in general, you will learn advanced Cg workflows and hunter also goes through his comp process which is helpful. 

Rebelway over the years has built a giant community full of great people who are happy to help u if u get stuck, I’ve personally met a lot of my cg friends from Rebelway and i recommend it to anyone looking to push their artistic and technical skills to the next level to join Rebelway and make awesome stuff.

Paul Colton- Rebelway student

What a wonderful surprise Rebelway’s “Cinematic Lighting in Houdini” course has been. Besides the foundational materials, it went so much deeper into topics I always struggle with, from Solaris setup, to model ingest, to cross-renderer materials, just to name a few. This is a class in which every “episode” I eagerly awaited. An amazing course that I can’t recommend enough!

Andrew Sutherland - Rebelway student/Team

Rebelway made the difference between following along with a tutorial and being able to create my own.

When taking a Rebelway course you learn the concepts and understand what’s going on at a granular level. Rebelway courses taught me not just “what” to do in Houdini but “why” we are doing things a certain way, as well as arming us with the knowledge to set out on our own and experiment.

 Rebelway has been invaluable in my career and incredibly fulfilling.

Suhail- Rebelway student

Before discovering Rebelway, my knowledge of CGI and VFX was fragmented and scattered across various sources. None of them provided a cohesive understanding of how everything interconnected. However, Rebelway changed that completely. It was like a breath of fresh air.

Rebelway offers thorough, in-depth knowledge on cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning in VFX, Python for production, and Universal Scene Description (USD). Their comprehensive approach not only covers the current trends but also equips us with the confidence and skills to tackle the most challenging technical and creative problems

Tiago- Rebelway student

  • While it’s possible to learn everything online, this course offers a significant advantage by consolidating all the necessary information in one place. You also get the benefit of being in a group of peers at the same skill level, which fosters mutual support. The presence of tutors with film industry experience is a major plus, providing expert guidance. Additionally, this course offers valuable networking opportunities that are hard to find online.”

Houcem- Rebelway student

  • I recently completed the Fundamentals course at Rebelway, and I couldn’t be more thrilled with my experience. Over the past two months, I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge in the world of FX that has significantly boosted my skills in 3D FX in such a short amount of time.Special thanks to Saber for providing me with the opportunity to explore new software and techniques. I’m also incredibly grateful to Jason and the entire Rebelway community for their invaluable feedback and support, which has been instrumental in helping beginners like me.Thank you Rebelway, for an outstanding learning journey

Bruce D- Rebelway student

  • The support through emails has been impressively fast, and I appreciate the high-quality downloadable videos on the server. Being able to take these videos with me while I’m offshore is a big selling point for me. Another major plus is that each week comes with a completed project file, which helps a lot. Overall, I’m happy with my experience, and I’ll definitely be purchasing another course in the future. It’s also worth noting that having corresponding project files for each week prevents confusion, and the organized download of course files in a single zip folder is a nice touch

Jaul paulin - rebelway student

I was part of the first class of “Intro to Houdini FX”. Before this I had been learning the fundamentals of Houdini for around half a year and was able to navigate the software with some degree of confidence, but not at a level where I was able to produce good quality work yet.

During my time taking part in this course, I learnt a variety of different techniques to approach complex FX set ups as well as procedural modelling techniques, and how to render all of this and output a final image that looked appealing.

Intro to FX gave me the confidence and technical knowledge I needed in order to build my first show reel and land my first full time role in the industry, just 4 months after completing the course.

I won’t lie, it was not an easy path, but it was also a very rewarding and fun one! There is a huge amount of FX knowledge squeezed into just 12 weeks in this course and sometimes I found it hard to keep up. However, whenever I ran into a technical hurdle that I was unable to debug myself, the instructor or one of the FXTAs was able to help me out and get me back on track while also providing feedback on how I could improve either creatively or technically.

I’d recommend Intro to Houdini FX to anyone who has some fundamental knowledge in Houdini and is keen for the next step that will get them over the finish line and into their first industry role!

Maksim - rebelway student

 I wanted a quick and structured way to dive fast into the field of visual effects with a new tool that I haven’t used before but really want to learn.

Previously I got strong background with motion design and Cinema 4D but not with Houdini. I wanted to find trusted facility and Rebelway has Side FX certification. So it was enough to make decision. I took Houdini Fundamentals and Introduction to Houdini FX courses and as a result I came across with different types of simulations and effects and I got enough information to determine the future direction of development. Now I became interested in studying explosions in Houdini and may be oceans waves in nearest future. In addition, useful thing is access to the online school community in discord, which can help not only with questions related to courses but also with feedback or some difficulties in personal projects.

And as a student at Rebelway, you can get an annual student license for Nuke and other Foundry products as a bonus. In my opinion, totally I didn’t spend my money in vain

Alessandro Canonico - rebelway student

The rebelway destruction fx course is one of the best on the internet. Ideal to get to the next level and add complexity to your shots, with many advanced techniques and workflows that can be implemented in production from just the first few weeks! Following this course has definitely made me a better artist, having introduced me to concepts and ideas that are now a solid foundation of my workflow

Yu Ishikawa - rebelway student

 It was very interesting and difficult, but the amount of material was just right. However, I continued in the wrong way in the video, and then the steps were corrected in the next week’s video, and there were some parts of the course that were difficult to understand. However, with the careful support of the TA, I think it was a very meaningful course

Ivan Martinez Casas - rebelway student

The “Houdini Fundamentals” course is much more than just an introduction to Houdini, Jason Slab makes you understand and grasp everything in a unique way, the exercises Jason proposes are top notch and far above what you would expect from a fundamentals course. The techniques learned are AAA as you would find in a VFX or Animation studio on any film… 100% recommendable.

Dennis Leonhardt - rebelway studentD

I was already working as Houdini Artist when I discovered Rebelway. Even as an experienced artist, I was able to learn new things and receive valueable advice from their advanced courses

Mike - rebelway student

 I’ve been passionate about VFX for over 15 years, but my career always came first. Now that I have the time, I have decided to dive into it. I chose Houdini and found that Rebelway and Jason’s Fundamentals course offered the best introduction to key workflows, especially with its engaging Star Wars and destruction theme. Jason’s teaching style made it easy for me with no prior experience, and I believe those with a background in VFX would gain even more from it.

Sergei Egorov-Rebelway Studdent

Get ready to dedicate all your free time to Fluid FX In Houdini course and all the power of your computer to simulations and rendering. There is a lot of information, not only about water.  Spencer, our instructor explains it very clearly.

I’m very glad I managed to complete this course to the end. Sometimes I wanted to give up, but the folks in the chat kept encouraging me.

Rebelway is the best school for VFX!

Jantzen Wunderli -Rebelway Studdent

Rebelway has helped me develop my knowledge and skill in VFX. 

They provide a variety of useful lessons, and the instructors explain concepts in a straight forward yet meaningful way.

Rebelway is truly one of the best programs to learn visual effects from.

Miguel Roqueñi -Rebelway Studdent

  • Rebelway has been an incredible journey for me. Their courses have not only expanded my technical skill set but also provided invaluable insights into the ever-evolving world of VFX. What sets Rebelway apart is their commitment to excellence. The instructors are experts in their field, and their ability to distill complex concepts into actionable steps is truly remarkable. Moreover, Rebelway ensures that their courses are always up-to-date with the latest industry trends and tools, giving students a competitive edge in the job market. I can confidently say that my experience at Rebelway has been nothing short of transformative, and I would highly recommend their courses to anyone passionate about VFX.

Deep chahal -Rebelway Studdent

    • I began my career in 2014 as a CGI generalist, handling various tasks except for FX. I always wanted to work on FX, but I struggled to grasp Houdini. However, around 2021, I enrolled in an entry-level Houdini workshop by Rebelway, and everything just clicked for me. Saber’s teaching style made a lot of sense, and I found it enjoyable to follow. After completing the workshop, I continued to work on my projects and also took workshops on water and destruction and within 6 months, I landed a job as a Junior TD at WetaFX, where I worked on Avatar the way of water. As I continued to learn and grow, I was promoted to Mid TD within 6 months after joining and I worked on projects like Transformers and more. I am still taking workshops from Rebelway. Recently, I completed the Studio FX Workflows and am currently attending a USD Solaris workshop. I am extremely grateful to Rebelway as it has opened up numerous opportunities for me and completely transformed my lifestyle.

Jeremy Pollreisz -Rebelway Studdent

  • When I decided to take the Houdini Fundamentals course, I had virtually no Houdini experience whatsoever. I have to say I was a bit nervous, but also excited. I have experience in the CG world so a lot of the concepts weren’t new to me, but Houdini isn’t the most intuitive software on the market. All of that went away though once the class started. The instructor, Jason Slabber really knows his stuff. The lessons were well planned and executed and took me from a Houdini novice to a Houdini novice that knows how to navigate the software better, and how to start thinking like a Houdini artist. The TAs were super helpful and all-in-all it was an amazing experience. I truly look forward to taking more classes and developing a stronger understanding of this crazy world of VFX!

Piotr Kopertowski -Rebelway Studdent

  • The course content is top-notch, covering everything from the basics to semi-advanced techniques with clear, detailed explanations. The instructors are industry professionals who provide invaluable insights that are easy to follow and understand. The projects allowed me to apply what I learned immediately, and the feedback was both constructive and encouraging. I feel confident in my fundamental Houdini skills and I’m ready to tackle VFX projects. I highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to dive deep into Houdini software and advancing their VFX career!

Shun -Rebelway Studdent

  • In a word, the experience has been exceptional. The immediate support from the Discord group ensures that questions are addressed promptly, allowing me to progress steadily without falling behind. The course has provided valuable insights into practical workflows that I can apply directly to my work. Overall, it’s been a beautiful learning journey

Ivan-Rebelway Studdent

  • The “Houdini Fundamentals” course is much more than just an introduction to Houdini, Jason Slab makes you understand and grasp everything in a unique way, the exercises Jason proposes are top notch and far above what you would expect from a fundamentals course. The techniques learned are AAA as you would find in a VFX or Animation studio on any film… 100% recommendable.

Nguyen Truong Kien-Rebelway Studdent

Rebelway’s courses offer an exceptional blend of high-level technical and artistic training, meticulously designed to ensure a deep understanding of complex concepts while nurturing creativity and artistic expression. This comprehensive approach has significantly boosted my career development, equipping me with the skills and confidence needed to excel in the VFX industry. My favorite courses include HOUDINI FUNDAMENTALS, COMPOSITING IN NUKE, INTRO TO HOUDINI FX, ENVIRONMENTS IN HOUDINI, and CINEMATIC LIGHTING IN HOUDINI

Youssef Alioua-Rebelway Studdent

Through Rebelway, I learned Houdini from zero, which was instrumental in landing my current job. The comprehensive courses, expert instructors, and hands-on projects provided me with the skills and confidence to advance my Technical Art skills. Rebelway is truly a worthy investment for anyone serious about mastering Houdini and advancing their career.

Richard Deere-Rebelway Studdent

I have been taking two courses at Rebelway and it has been such a great addition to my VFX career.

 To be able to learn from people who have worked on my favorite movies and shows is so rewarding. I’m a Nuke compositor and currently taking a Houdini class with Nick Chamberlain; who explains every step of the way to learning the software for someone who’s not familiar at all with Houdini. 

He makes it so easy to understand and follow at my own pace.


Livian Nkou-Rebelway student

Joining REBELWAY was like jumping into a whole new world of awesomeness This school has these crazy cool facilities and tech stuff that made learning about digital art and movie magic super exciting. The teachers are real-life pros from the  industry, and they made learning all the cool VFX tricks feel like I was part of some epic adventure.

Learning to work on my own little projects was the best part it made me realize i was making progress. We got to try out all these different techniques, like we were wizards casting spells on the computer. And the school made sure we were up-to-date with the latest tech and trends, so it felt like we were training for the big leagues.

they encouraged us to let our creativity run wild. I discovered my own style and learned to think outside the box, which was pretty cool.

Looking back, my time at REBELWAY was like leveling up in a video game. It gave me the skills and mindset to go through the world of VFX. Super grateful for the awesome and on-going journey, there is still a lot to learn!

Trond Hille- Rebelway Student

I work in a very small team with limited time and resources.
Rebelway provides production quality courses with great insights and tips and tricks from professional instructors.
They help me provide that extra 20% that takes a shot from good to great. To understand better how to break down a shot, and the knowledge that takes an effect or simulation from looking plain to cinematic. There are just lots of tips and tricks that really only comes
from larger studio’s RnD time, and would be almost impossible to learn elsewhere.

Mikael Lundin- Rebelway Student/ Freelance 3D-Artist

After 8 years of working as a 3D-Artist I decided I wanted to take a new path in my career, that path was Houdini. After trying to learn it by myself in my spare time I quickly realized I needed a structured fast way to learn this awesome program, that way was Rebelway. During the Fundamentals course I was quickly(with hard work also of course) introduced to all major topics of Houdini, that being, fluids, pyro, environment, procedural modelling etc. I feel that I now have a solid foundation for further studies in this area.I’m very satisfied with Rebelway courses and am already on my second course now!”

Olivier Antignac- Senior FX TD / Benuts

Rebelway taught me the skills to go from a Mid to a Senior FX TD.

Rebelway also helped me to consolidate my knowledge and improve my workflow and the way I build my FX Setup.

Joel Champ- Senior FX TD / Benuts

As someone who has struggled to get the hang of Houdini for several years, I can confidently say that the courses offered by Rebelway have been a game-changer forme. Working in a studio that doesn’t utilize Houdini, I’ve had to dedicate my personal time to learning this powerful software. Rebelway’s training has fast-tracked myprogress in ways that I’d hoped to achieve.
The quality of their courses surpasses that of many university programs, delivering in-depth knowledge and practical skills in a much shorter time frame by industry professionals. Thanks to Rebelway, I am now very comfortable working in Houdini and
can focus on specific areas I want to grow in.
I highly recommend Rebelway to anyone serious about mastering Houdini. The value and efficiency of their training are worth it

Miguel Muralles - Compositor/Aspiring Gaming FX Artist

Since being introduced to Rebelway, I have acquired the knowledge and, maybe more importantly, the confidence to take on more challenging shots and projects. Passionate, talented, and well-rounded instructors have made it easy to grasp and retain the skills taught in the courses.

Real-world examples and projects have enabled me to grow in all aspects of my VFX profession.

Rebelway is truly a great place to learn and progress!

Anton Dann - Rebelway Student

I bought my first course when I was writing my bachelors thesis about FLIP fluids in Houdini and Unreal Engine and I needed a one stop course to get myself up and running in Houdini because I didn’t know a thing about it other than a few super simple tutorials I followed before.

At that time the new Intro to FX course has just been released and it looked promising so I placed my first Rebelway purchase.

I learned a lot in that course and I could finish my bachelors thesis well.

Parallel to that I landed an internship in a small studio in my hometown, working as a 3D generalist using Maya and Unreal Engine + tiny bit of Houdini.

After more than a year I am now full time employed, using Houdini on a daily basis for personal work as well as on certain projects that call for it in production During that 1-year period I also enrolled in the VEX course, which elevated my technical skills and way of thinking to approach tasks and problem solving in Houdini.

Those two courses made it possible to transition from hobbyist Houdini user to full time production ready Houdini artist in a short amount of time. I’d say I now am confident to tackle any type of shot I get thrown at.

Rebelway courses played a big part in getting where i am today so thank you Rebelway

Jack-Rebelway student

Rebelway had everything that i wanted to learn about vfx, when i was in production, i realized that they have trained me to handle many problems with the solutions learned at Rebelway

Duncan Darren-Rebelway student

Studying at Rebelway has been an incredibly enriching journey for me. We explored the underlying logic of visual effects production together. Moreover, here I have found friends with common interests to grow together, which is a brilliant aspect of this experience.

Robin Brinkler-Rebelway student

I studied the Fluid FX in Houdini course. Spencer Lueders and Saber Jlassi demystified topics I thought I wasn’t ready for and transformed that feeling into motivation. Soon I was challenging myself to implement new ideas and techniques to see how far I could push it. Rebelway’s instructors are eager to share their valuable industry experience in a way that genuinely fuels the imagination. Self-discipline and hard work are encouraged, to practice new concepts and push through to the next level. I think this is key to making progress and makes their curriculum highly effective in cementing that knowledge.

David-Rebelway student

The “Advanced Water FX in Houdini” is by far one of the best Houdini courses I’ve had the chance to take. Juri Bryan is not only extremely knowledgeable but also a great instructor, his course is packed with hugely useful and practical information and techniques, all presented in very interesting and eye-catching examples. The knowledge I have gained with the course has been an extremely valuable asset for me, and has been put to the test in very challenging projects.

Evgeny-Rebelway student

  • I completed several courses at Rebelway, and I couldn’t be happier with my experience. The instructors are industry professionals who provide invaluable insights and hands-on training. The curriculum is comprehensive, covering everything from basic techniques to advanced VFX skills. I had the opportunity to work on different effects, which greatly enhanced my FX skills and Houdini understanding. Throughout the course, my skills improved dramatically. I learned advanced techniques, developed a keen eye for detail and created my first reel. The supportive community and network are invaluable and always there when I needed help. I highly recommend Rebelway to anyone who want to grow or improve their skills in visual effects and start a career in this area!

Russ-Rebelway student

  • Before joining Rebelway, I was completely new to the world of VFX. But now, I have a solid understanding of Houdini and Nuke. The courses were incredibly comprehensive, and the instructors were always there to support and guide me through every challenge. Rebelway has truly been a life-changing experience for me. Beyond the technical skills, I forged strong connections and felt my doors to the VFX world swing wide open. This journey has not only transformed my abilities but also my future, filling me with hope and excitement for what’s to come

Ricky Monti-Rebelway student

  • I think that what led me to attend a Rebelway course is the fact that not only it has a huge community for networking and feedback, all of the courses are centered in production proven techniques and expertise from the teachers. I think this is what sets Rebelway apart from most of online courses. I instantly bought Cinematic Lighting in Houdini because I knew Nick’s teaching from the free week 1 Nuke courses he teaches. He has a very clear way of teaching, not rushing things and not only explaining the how, but also the why. You need to know these concepts so you can solve things and not being a button pusher. I’ve been studying USD on my own for a few weeks and when this course popped up… it was just perfect timing. I’m really liking the course, USD is a pretty technical concept by itself, and not only that, you need to know how to work in it’s ecosystem, its current limitations and workarounds. Nick explains it very clearly and with easy to understand with day-to-day work examples e pipeline workflows. This is gold, this is something that you just know how to do it when you spend a lot of time working and cracking you head with it. It will save you a lot of headache when studying and gets you ready to when that work opportunity comes. And he also teaches lighting with a compositor’s eye and expertise, unifying the technical and artistic side. You cant get a better combo than this. 

Gavin T- Rebelway student/ Team

  • As a VFX artist who been working in the industry for the past 10 years, I highly recommend Rebelway as their curriculum is current and comprehensive, taught by seasoned professionals who provide real-world insights. The assignments and projects are challenging and relevant, pushing students to apply what they’ve learned in realistic scenarios. Also the supportive community fosters collaboration and growth. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to advance your career, Rebelway offers the knowledge, resources, and connections needed to succeed in the competitive VFX industry

Jose Salas- Rebelway student

  • After attending several CG schools, I found Rebelway the most economical online school and the best content to learn from. It has exponentially expanded my knowledge of CG and upgraded my portfolio immensely. I recommend to my peers whether they want to start in CG or expand their skill sets.

Clément- Rebelway student

  • Rebelway is an outstanding place to learn VFX and visual effects; its library contains everything you need to learn and achieve exceptional visuals at a rare level. Everything is up to date and explained at a good pace. From complete beginner to expert, you can find what you are lookingfor at a fair price.
    the feedback feature and accessibility to the Discord channels are very important assets along the VFX journey and are perfectly utilized in this case. There is a responsive community where we can exchange and ask questions about anything, making the work efficient
    and smooth.
    -Huge amount of content
    – Fair price
    – Quick feedback
    – Professional environment
    – Quality content
    – Up to date

Paul Roman- Rebelway student

  • I had an incredible experience as a student at Rebelway. The quality of instruction was top-notch, with highly knowledgeable and experienced instructors who were always ready to help and provide detailed feedback. The course content was thorough and engaging, covering all the essential aspects of visual effects creation. I enrolled in several courses, including “Introduction to Houdini FX,” “Environmental Creation in Houdini,” “Magical FX in Houdini,” and the free course “Sci-Fi Visualization.” Each course was meticulously designed, offering practical insights and hands-on examples that significantly enhanced my skills. Rebelway truly exceeded my expectations and has been instrumental in my growth as a VFX artist.

Jakob Memborg - Rebelway student

  • Rebelway is an amazing place to learn VFX both for films and games. I have studied as a hobby, and I it has been a thrill for me and my ever curious brain. The teachers are great, and provide great feedback. They are very experienced and provide good constructive criticism on assignments. The community is just as great. There is always a friendly tone, and a lot of great people to learn from. Of all the ways I could learn VFX and Houdini, the Rebelway will always be my first choice

Vu Pham- Rebelway student

Rebelway Academy, with its exceptional instructors like Saber Jlassi, Igor Zanic, Juri Brian, Spencer Lueders, and Hernan Llano, has been instrumental in elevating my Houdini FX skills to new heights. Under their expert guidance, I have delved into advanced techniques, mastering tools that have enabled me to create captivating effect animations, from mesmerizing water effects to breathtaking destruction sequences, explosive visuals, enchanting particles, and seamless VEX programming. From a novice to a proficient creator, my journey with Rebelway has been transformative. I’ve delved deep into creating stunning water CGI effects and captivating destruction sequences for film and game cinematics. I now possess the knowledge to dissect complex techniques, develop tools, and even implement cutting-edge research like Siggraph papers. Thanks to Rebelway’s guidance, I’ve not only mastered the art of Houdini FX but also gained insights into the intricate workings of multi-million-dollar projects produced under immense pressure by a global pool of talent. This experience has empowered me to explore my creativity and technical skills in a truly unique way, enabling me to craft compelling effect animations that tell stories and inspire others in the artistic community. Rebelway and its instructors have truly been a beacon of inspiration and growth in my artistic endeavors. Their expertise has not only enhanced my technical prowess but has also allowed me to infuse my work with compelling narratives and immersive experiences. I am immensely proud to be a part of Rebelway and to have the opportunity to learn from such talented instructors who have enriched my creative journey and empowered me to bring my visions to life in the most spectacular ways.

Paul Roman- Rebelway student

  • I started the course with little experience in NUKE. Now I feel confident working with it. This course will guide you into creating a flawless product. Also, you will have the opportunity to challenge your attention to details and learn tips and tricks in different areas as a compositor. I’m extremely happy with the results of the course. It truly leveled up my skill!

Paul Roman- Rebelway student

  •  I discovered Rebelway when it was first founded, in my transition phase from 2D to 3D motion graphics, I only did modeling in Maya and used a lot of C4D which I abandoned years ago. I was and still am fascinated by VFX for explosions in particular,I obviously started from scratch since in that period we heard very little about it  for some time but never used at the time. I started with Houdini fundamentals which brought me the foundations  in the time, then, fascinated by the explosions or followed the advanced course with Saber where he tought me  crafting, of 3 powerful setups and still used in production today, for their versatility and power. I’m still taking  the VEX course  and so far it’s going great

Shiv Dholakia- Rebelway student

  • Unreal Engine stands as one of the premier real-time tools for creating games, cinematics, and more. In this exclusive beginner’s course, led by Floyd Billingy, participants will learn to navigate and utilize Unreal Engine from the ground up. I highly recommend this course to individuals who are new to Unreal Engine and eager to acquire foundational skills. By the conclusion of this course, you will be capable of creating stunning 3D environments within Unreal Engine and will have a solid understanding of game design and real-time project development. The course covers a comprehensive range of topics, from landscapes to special effects, ensuring a thorough exploration of Unreal Engine’s capabilities. The Course Features are :
    • In-depth tutorials on the basics of Unreal Engine, covering both Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5.
    • Hands-on exercises to build practical skills in 3D world creation.
    • Direct feedback from Unreal Engine experts.
    • Interactive sessions with fellow learners to facilitate collaborative learning and networking.
    Be prepared to embark on an exciting journey into the world of Unreal Engine with this meticulously designed beginner’s course. With Floyd Billingy’s expert guidance, you will explore every facet of Unreal Engine. Whether your interest lies in game design or real-time cinematics, this course offers the ideal starting point. Join this course for the most engaging and comprehensive introduction to Unreal Engine available.

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