Houdini Tutorial: Ocean Rendering with Karma

By: Saber Jlassi

In this video tutorial, Saber Jlassi will show you how to render ocean FX inside Houdini using Karma.

Water simulations are one of the most interesting and exciting things to rendering inside Houdini. This week, we’ve decided to take a closer look at water rendering inside Houdini with the help of Karma for rendering. It’s a fantastic tutorial if you’ve ever wanted to take a deeper look at fluid simulations using the latest tools in Houdini.

Video Tutorial: Ocean Rendering in Houdini with Karma

In the video tutorial, Saber Jlassi will show you how to render ocean FX inside Houdini with the help of Karma. We’ve also included the free project file which you can download below the video.

Download the Project Files

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Learn More Water FX Techniques

Want to create even more water FX inside Houdini? We have two fantastic courses for you. The first is Water FX in Houdini. This essential FX course will teach you how to approach water FX work using professional techniques. The second is Advanced Water FX in Houdini. This course, taught by ILM Artist Juri Bryan, will show you how to use advanced water FX techniques in your VFX projects. You can get a free tour from both courses by visiting this link.

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