Particles for Games: An Introduction to Niagara in Unreal Engine


In this free Niagara tutorial series, we'll share the basics of how to create particles using Niagara in Unreal Engine.

As the realtime FX industry has progressed, we’ve come to prefer Niagara as our particle generation system of choice for Unreal Engine. As a result, we thought it’d be fun to create an introductory tutorial series on how to use this helpful tool.

Free Tutorial Series: Introduction to Niagara in Unreal Engine

It’s no surprise that Niagara can be quite complex and intimidating to learn. So we hope you enjoy this free Niagara tutorial covering the basics. The course is taught by Sjors de Laat, the instructor of our Stylized FX for Games course. Sjors has broken the tutorial up into three parts to keep it digestible. We hope you enjoy it!

Realtime Particles Using Niagara Part 1 - The Basics of Niagara

In this video, Sjors will get you acquainted with Niagara and discuss the basic mechanics and interface.

Realtime Particles Using Niagara Part 2 - Examining Substance Designer

In this video, Sjors jump into Substance designer to create textures that will be used for particle generation.

Realtime Particles Using Niagara Part 3 - Creating Fireworks

In this final video of the series, Sjors will bring everything together to create a fireworks show using Niagara in Unreal Engine.

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