Intro To Houdini Muscle | A Beginner's Guide for Maya and Ziva

By: Carlos Puigdollers Zanon

Explore the power of Houdini in this compact video tutorial designed for Maya users familiar with Ziva Dynamics.

Discover how to leverage Houdini’s robust toolset to create dynamic muscle simulations and lifelike character effects (CFX). 

In this tutorial, Carlos we’ll guide you through the process of setting up muscle simulations in Houdini, utilizing Ziva’s techniques and principles you’re already familiar with in Maya. 

Learn how to create muscles, define tissue properties, and achieve realistic deformations for your characters. Carlos will also demonstrate how to simulate secondary motion, skin sliding, Facia Layer, and cloth dynamics using Houdini’s vellum solver Explore techniques for integrating fat, skin, and cloth dynamics seamlessly into your character rigs. 

With clear, concise instructions and practical examples, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to tackle character muscle simulations in Houdini with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned Maya user looking to expand your toolkit or new to Houdini, this tutorial provides valuable insights and techniques that will enhance your character animation workflow. 

Check out some of Carlos Puigdollers Zanon’s work here:


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