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Houdini has become the go-to tool in the FX industry.   Whoever wields its power is unstoppable!

The only downside is, Houdini can be difficult to learn
and the learning curve is steep.

This is where INTRO TO FX comes in.
We will take you to become from a beginner to an unstoppable force of nature!



Rebelway Founder  &  FX Supervisor

Saber started working in CG almost 15 years ago, and has occupied different positions as an artist in different countries around the world.
Before creating Rebelway, Saber worked as a Generalist TD at MPC, London, A Senior Lighting TD at Framestore,
A Senior Technical Director at Blizzard Entertainment,
A Senior FX Artist at Barnstorm VFX, during which he received a VES and an Emmy Awards nominations.
 His continuous pursuit of knowledge and learning inspired Saber to start Rebelway to teach others around the world, and to share his profound passion for the FX industry. 

Imagine a movie or game without FX

…Neither can we!

Join the Rebels and embark on a journey of FX and CGI.

 We will guide and mentor you along the way.



Real-World education and coaching

Learn, share and grow together

  • We also grow and so do our workshops.
  • We update our classes and teaching after each run in order to stay up to date and sharp.
  • Each session is uniquly designed based on the needs of the studens
  • We equipe each student with the power of knowledge so they can pursue their dream job
  • We provide an unique learning methodology where we promote failing. the faster you fail the faster you will succeed.

This is our biggest UPDATE yet. We are very excited about these changes!



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Our GOAL is to make the classes as affordable as possible

Get 10% back from each purchase.


A purchase of a workshop priced at $499 will grant you 50 Points.

( 10% of the price ) 

Spend up to 20% discounts with points


If you have 300 points and you are purchasing products for $500, the maximum point you can redeem is 100, which is equal to 20% of the workshop price.

The existing customer before June 15 have received anywhere between 50 to 300 points, and they can use this money/points to get discounts on the workshops.

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Intro to proceduralism and Houdini’s interface
Maya vs Max vs Houdini, transition and differences
Intro to Houdini contexts
Intro to vex and pointvops
How to get the most out of the workshop
A deeper look at the various fx to be created and how to plan for the various assignment
Hardware requirement
NEW: Houdini 18, new features and what we should focus on
NEW: A look at the new FX Building project.

  • • Introduction to Houdini 18.
  • • Workflow And Tools.
  • • Wedging and iteration.
  • • Hardware & Software.
  • • Crafting FX workflow.
  • Intro to pops
    An introduction to Designing FX
    Timing & Layering
    Create a simple procedural system that uses path finding to create various particles streams
    Create various FX elements using POPs
    Particles Caching and optimization
    NEW: FX Energy design and prototyping the look
    NEW: Simulation setup
    NEW: Guiding particles and creating intelligent paths and Colliders
    NEW: Shockwave design, approach and execution
  • Intro to Houdini volumes and vdb manipulation.
    Intro to Dops and smoke solver
    Create various smoke elements to enhance all the particles FX created week 2
    Volume caching and optimization
    NEW: Creating magical explosion
    NEW: Adding more FX layers to the shockwave
    NEW: Using smoke simulation to enhance particle simulation
  • Intro to mantra
    Intro to shading in mantra
    Shading all the particles FX previously created
    Rendering the environment and setting up all the passes need to render our particles FX
    Intro to cops in Houdini
    NEW: Buildings, streets and environment rendering
    NEW: Initial particle rendering
    NEW: Introduction To Compositing
  • Intro to Bullets and constraints
    Fracturing using voronoi and boolean
    What is convex decomposition
    Edge displacement and high-res interior
    Create the constraint
    Simulate the rbd
    Caching the rbd and optimisation
    Setup a workflow for using lowres/higer geometry for simulation vs rendering
    NEW: Houdini 16/17 and 18 and how to transition
    NEW: When to use sop level solvers vs dop level solvers
    NEW: Creating the building destruction setup
    NEW: Building destruction setup and tweaking
  • Create various debris systems using particles and bullets.
    Create smoke trail simulation using pops and smoke solver
    Create a smoke sim to use as an air field for particle advection.
    NEW: Adding debris trails for buildings to enhance the overall visual
  • NEW: Rendering all the additional elements needed
    NEW: Balancing and tweaking.
    NEW: Putting everything together
    • Intro to flipfluids in Houdini
      Prepping the geometry for flip fluids and collision
      Create Custom forces to enhance the flip fluid sim
      Create the Highres sim
      Meshing in Houdini
      Intro to whitewater in Houdini
      Create whitewater source
      Create a highres foam simulation including, bubbles, spray and foam.
      NEW: Houdini 18 workflow/changes and how to transition

    • Advanced water shading.
      Foam shading (foam, spray, bubbles)
      Lighting the flip fluid statue rising scene
      Optimization and setting up all the render passes.
      Create procedural atmospheric FX using vdb.
      Volume shading and rendering in mantra.
      Final compositing of all the FX layers and beauty passes using Houdini COPs
      NEW: Houdini 18 workflow/changes and how to transition
    • Introduction To Solaris
      USD & Karma
      When and when to use karma and how this workflow fits in
    • • This workshop contains lot more information and the weekly breakdown is just the highlights.
      • Assignments and weekly lecture are very very demanding and can be challenging to new Houdini comers.
      • It is required that the student have a very good CG background in shading and lighting.

What Makes Rebelway Awesome?

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Think about how good it feels when you see amazing spaceship battles on the big screen. How you get fully immersed playing a game while you release that game ending ultimate FX that completely obliterates the enemy.

Now imagine YOU creating those FX and making other people feel the same way. 

Think about how good it feels to see amazing VFX work on the big screen. Can you imagine the heart-stopping feeling of unleashing explosive CG FX in your favorite game?

Now imagine if YOU created those FX and made other people feel the same way… with Rebelway courses you can.

Our exclusive online courses are designed to help you achieve your FX goals and land your dream job in the VFX world.


Hours of VFX Training

Project Files & Assets

24/7 Technical Support

Private Group Access

Lifetime Access

Online Networking Events

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Completion Certificates

Our community-centric program is designed to created a collaborative and exciting learning environment. As a result, you will not only learn, but also network with fellow students.

Our team of industry professionals and teachers are ready to help you land your dream job. It’s time to grow your career in the most exciting creative industry in the world.

It’s time to unlock your creative potential.

Our team of industry professionals and more importantly GREAT teachers will provide the knowledge and encouragement to get you to your dream job in this ever-growing and most creative industry we all love.

The real question is: Can your career afford to wait any longer?

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Engage in discussions with fellow FX students and chat with mentors directly on our private forums and chats.

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We have a dedicated team of FX artists ready to give feedback on your work and course projects.

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We are currently developing subtitles so VFX artists around the world can achieve their dreams.


Our online program is designed to help aspiring VFX artists have successful careers in FX & CG. Unlike other online schools, our affordable courses are exciting and tactical. Through our courses you will gain the exact skills you need to work on Hollywood-level VFX projects.

In fact, many of our alumni go on to get jobs working for studios such as Dreamworks, Blizzard, EA, & Google.

If you are a beginner, we recommend taking our Houdini Fundamentals course.

However, if you are more experienced in VFX it all comes down to your own technical proficiency and goals as an artist. All of our courses list the skill level required to succeed in each course.

However, if you ever have questions about which course is right for you, please reach out to our Student Assistance Team via our contact page. We’ll happily recommend the best course for you.

Yes! We are an online VFX school that delivers actionable and relevant FX education to the world.

Our online system allows us to deliver affordable education to aspiring CG artists around the world.

After successfully placing the order you will receive an email with complete instructions on how to access your courses and private forums.

The Rebelway online learning platform gives you lifetime access to all the videos and material provided with the workshops. You will also gain access to a private course forum and chat system forever. Once a rebel, always a rebel.

Every class has a dedicated professional instructor who will help you through lectures, project feedback, and Q&As. Every session is designed based on the needs of the student. As a result, every session is unique and updated with the latest FX techniques.

In our courses, you will have full-time support from our FXTAs ( FX Technical Assistants ). This artists will answer any questions you may have during the duration of the course.

Yes, we do offer Certificates of Completion with all our courses.

Our courses are designed to guide you through different modules at a comfortable and exciting pace. As a result, modules unlock on a weekly basis. If you purchased any of our short formed mini-courses, you will receive access to every lesson immediately. 

Rebelway does not currently offer subtitles.

However, we want our education to reach everyone around the world. As a result, we are currently working on subtitles for our workshops in English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and French. We strive to make our subtitles as good as we can. 

Courses are designed with the goal to teach students how to use a tool-set and develop problem-solving skills. As a result, they are benefited from a group environment with an instructor available to answer questions.

Tutorials on the other hand focus on solving one or two problems in specific topics. They are generally standalone and do not require the instructor’s support.

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