Introduction to Arnold for Houdini Free Tutorial Series


In this free tutorial series, Saber Jlassi will give you a crash-course in using Arnold for Houdini.

As one of the premiere render engines, Arnold is a go-to tool for VFX artists around the world. In fact, the team at Rebelway uses Arnold extensively in our own Houdini work. But if you’re new to FX, it can be intimidating to learn Arnold from scratch. So we decided to do something about it…

Free Tutorial Series: Introduction to Arnold for Houdini Artists

Below you will find 23 incredible tutorials designed to get you up and running with Arnold to be used on Houdini projects. The series is taught by Rebelway course instructor, Saber Jlassi. We hope you enjoy it. 

Lesson 1: Linux Plugin Installation

Lesson 2: Licensing

Lesson 3: Getting Started

Lesson 4: Intro to Lighting

Lesson 5: Point Lights

Lesson 6: Distant Light

Lesson 7: Spotlights

Lesson 8: Quadlights

Lesson 9: Cylindrical Light

Lesson 10: Skydomes

Lesson 11: Mesh Light

Lesson 12: Photometric Light

Lesson 11: Introduction to Shaders

Lesson 14: Ray Types

Lesson 15: Introduction to Shaders

Lesson 16: Settings vs Render Times

Lesson 17: Intro to Textures

Lesson 18: TX Textures

Lesson 19: Skydomes (Part 2)

Lesson 20: Reflections and Refractions

Lesson 21: The Arnold Sky Shader

Lesson 22: Ray Visibility Options

Lesson 23: Subdivision in Arnold

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Saber Profile Image for Rebelway Online VFX Courses


Rebelway Founder  &  FX Supervisor

Saber started working in CG almost 15 years ago, and has occupied different positions as an artist in different countries around the world.

Before creating Rebelway, Saber worked as a Generalist TD at MPC, London, A Senior Lighting TD at Framestore,
A Senior Technical Director at Blizzard Entertainment,
A Senior FX Artist at Barnstorm VFX, during which he received a VES and an Emmy Awards nominations.
 His continuous pursuit of knowledge and learning inspired Saber to start Rebelway to teach others around the world, and to share his profound passion for the FX industry. 

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