Houdini Tutorial: Star Wars Inspired Ice Destruction

By: Urban Bradesko

In this video tutorial from Urban Bradesko, we'll show you how to create an ice-destruction effect inspired by Star Wars inside Houdini.

If you’re an aspiring VFX artist, chances are you have always wanted to work on a Star Wars film. In today’s video tutorial, we’re going to help you live the dream a bit by showing you how to create a highly complex ice-destruction effect inside Houdini. This effect uses a Star Destroyer to showcase some of the fracturing techniques. We hope you have a good time following along, and may the force be with you…

Video Tutorial: Star Wars Inspired Ice Destruction in Houdini

In the video tutorial, Urban Bradesko will show you how to create the effects from scratch. We’ve also included the free project files that you can download below the video to follow along and play around with this effect.

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