Epic Entries to the Rebelway FX Challenge

By: Rebelway

Take a look at some of our favorite projects from the Rebelway FX Challenge hosted by The Rookies.

This week we thought it’d be fun to share some entries created for the Rebelway FX Challenge Hosted by The Rookies. 

1. Jonas Hagenvald - Light vs. Darkness

Jonas was drawing inspiration for his entry from the design in Star Craft and World of Warcraft. His plan was to create visually interesting FX by playing with the contrast between light and dark.

Visit Jonas’ entry

2. Arvid Schneider - Deep Dive

Even though Arvid isn’t allowed to enter the challenge (he was a pro), he decided to create this insane project to practice his skills. This was his first big FX project that was done in Houdini. 

Visit Arvid YouTube page

3. Daniel Ha - Lava Monster

For the challenge, Daniel has created a lava monster fight with Iceman. He has been working on this entry in his free time every day since December.  

Visit Daniel’s entry

4. Tyler Britton

Tyler created this project for the Pro FX Artist category. The project was created done in Houdini, Substance, Nuke and rendered in Arnold.

Visit Tyler’s Vimeo Page

5. John Fanny - Wreak Havoc

This is John’s first time that he attempted a project of this magnitude. In the challenge, he used a variety of effects, from rigid bodies to FLIP and Pyro simulations to procedural animation.

Visit John’s entry

6. Erhardian Teguh Siswadi - The Depths

Erhardian decided that his scene will take place underwater, which give him the opportunity to create a lava cooling effect combined with the hot steam. 

Visit Erhardian’s entry

7. Daniel Miralles Álvarez - Green Power

This is Daniel’s first contest. For his entry, he decided to create a shield made out of roots that the hero summons from the ground. 

Visit Daniel’s entry

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