Webinar: Water FX in Houdini

By: Igor Zanic & Urban Bradesko

In this webinar, Igor Zanic will show you how professional VFX artists create realistic Water FX using Houdini.

Most people get into the VFX industry to create two different kinds of FX, explosions and water. There’s just something about the way in which water explodes into a billion particles that truly blows our minds. We’ve been super excited about all of the incredible student work coming out of our Water FX in Houdini course, so we asked Igor Zanic to share some insights into how professional Water FX are created.

Webinar: Water FX in Houdini

The webinar (found below) is hosted by Igor Zanic, the instructor of our Water FX in Houdini course. During the webinar, Igor will give you real-world examples of water FX. He’ll also explain why Water FX sometimes don’t need to be realistic to be effective.

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If you’re feeling inspired to learn more about how to create realistic water FX like a pro, we highly recommend checking out the course on our site. If you’ve ever wanted to create VFX that rival that of your favorite film, you’ve come to the right place. Check out the course and request free lessons to be sent to your inbox.

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