Webinar: Advanced Water FX in Houdini

By: Juri Bryan & Urban Bradesko

In this webinar, Juri Bryan will share how his experience in the industry led him to master advanced water FX techniques.

If you ask any VFX artist what their goal is 9 times out of 10 they will say they want to work at Industrial Light and Magic… and for good reason. ILM consistently creates some of the best FX work in the world, and today we are thrilled to host an exclusive webinar with former ILM artist and instructor of our Advanced Water FX in Houdini course, Juri Bryan. 

This webinar is more than just an overview. Along the way, Juri will share the tips and tricks he has learned throughout his career in the FX industry. From Important Looking Pirates to Industrial Light and Magic, you’ll definitely recognize his work.

Webinar: Advanced Water FX in Houdini

The webinar (found below) is hosted by Juri Bryan, the instructor of our Advanced Water FX in Houdini course. During the webinar, Juri will give you real-world examples of water FX. He’ll also share tons of great insights from his work on Hollywood blockbusters.

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