Free Destruction-Ready Building Models for VFX Work

By: Rebelway

Download these free destruction-ready building models for VFX work.

The team at Rebelway has developed a free collection of building models that can be used for VFX work. If you want to download these freebies, you can download them by using the box below.

Building Destruction for VFX Artists

Download the Free Building Models

Just click the button to download your building models.

Can I use these building models on a commercial project?

Yes, you can use these free building models for VFX work on any FX project you want. You do not have to credit Rebelway, but if you’d like to add us to the credits we would be flattered.

Want to learn more about destruction FX?

If you want to learn more about destruction FX, we highly recommend checking out our course, Destruction FX in Houdini, here at Rebelway. Here’s a trailer for the course.

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