8 Essential Compositing Techniques: Free Webinar

By: Nick Chamberlain

In this webinar, Nick Chamberlain will share a few essential techniques for compositing in Nuke.

Have you ever wondered how professional FX artists take disconnected elements and combine them to create an incredible scene? Sure, you may know how to create an explosion, but it wasn’t for compositors an explosion could never look realistic enough to be believable for cinematics. That’s where today’s webinar comes into play. 

In this exclusive webinar from Nick Chamberlain, we will show you a few of the most essential compositing techniques inside of Nuke. This 8 step process from approaching complex compositing scenes will make it easier for you to composite your FX scenes. We hope you enjoy it!

Webinar: Essential Compositing Techniques in Nuke

Below you will find the webinar. Stay tuned at the end for some Q&A time from the community. We answered quite a few questions that you may find helpful.

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Learn More About the Course

If you want to learn how to composite complex scenes like those seen inside this webinar, we highly recommend checking out the Compositing in Nuke course here at Rebelway. The course will help you learn how to create FX shots using the latest techniques used in Hollywood.

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