Video Tutorial: Create Quick Explosions in Houdini with the Axiom Solver

By: Urban Bradesko

In this video tutorial, we'll show you how to create a quick explosion using the free Axiom Solver for Houdini.

We recently created a video tutorial outlining the incredible potential of using the Axiom Solver on Houdini projects. The plugin, created by Matthew Puchala, allows Houdini artists to quickly render explosions, smoke, and any other simulations at break-neck speeds.

You can download the solver here.

In today’s video tutorial, Urban Bradesko will show you how to use this helpful tool to create quick explosions inside Houdini.

Video Tutorial: Create Explosions with Axiom Solver

In this video tutorial, Urban Bradesko will show you how to use the Axiom Solver to create explosions inside Houdini. This incredible tool will allow you to quickly create realistic simulations inside Houdini.

In our next video, we show you how to create a realistic rocket launch inside Houdini using Axiom, you can visit our tutorials page to learn more Houdini techniques for free.

Create Realistic Explosions from Scratch

Want to create epic explosions that rival the biggest studios in the world? Check out our Explosion FX in Houdini course here at Rebelway. The course will show you how to create photo-realistic explosion FX using the latest tools and techniques inside Houdini. Here’s a quick preview of the course.

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