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Aaron Smith : Senior Houdini TD

We’re excited to announce our newest instructor, Aaron Smith! Aaron is an experienced Director, Senior Houdini TD, 3D generalist, visual effects specialist, and concept artist. He has worked on film, TV, commercial projects, and has a wealth of experience in the industry. Aaron Smith has grown up in the UK’s vibrant creative community. Originating from the dynamic creative scene of the United Kingdom, Aaron has distinguished himself as a skilled Director, a 3D Generalist skilled in Maya and Houdini, and an imaginative Concept Artist.

A Trailblazer in Tech Art :

One of Aaron’s notable achievements includes clinching the first place in the SideFX Labs Tech Art Challenge 2021, in the category of ‘Best Houdini Utility‘. Aaron Smith has had an indelible impact on some of the most memorable film and television projects of recent years, his work on movies such as “The Crown’ and ‘Black Mirror’ influenced the visual landscape of modern storytelling. Aaron was nominated for a top prize at the BAA (British Animation Awards) in 2017 and shortlisted for an elite program, demonstrating his extraordinary talent and dedication to his trade.

In the active GitHub community, Aaron stands out as a dedicated contributor who blends technical expertise with creativity. Notable projects such as Houdini-Docker, Texture-Stamp and Hpaint demonstrate its expertise in Houdini digital assets and digital painting and have been recognized with over 100 stars. His consistent contributions reflect a commitment to enhancing the open-source landscape on GitHub, making a valued member of the community.

This is one of his famous work in which he presents An algorithmic approach to building hyper-realistic knits in Houdini.

In his “Knit – 100M project” he has developed a knitting solver to overcome the memory limitations of the Weave toolkit. His goal was to evaluate the organic process growth of hundreds of millions of fibers in a manageable time frame and ensure that artists can see the fruits of their labor in a timely manner. Using an algorithm that was iteratively refined over many months. to finally create this masterpiece.   

Another project on Houdini in which, he integrated PyTorch and OpenCV to generate temporally-stable embroidery from a sequence of input images. He employed this technique to upscale an old Simpsons couch gag, imbuing it with learned directionality, position, and machine embroidery technique. The result was a convincing image that would be prohibitively expensive to replicate using traditional real-world methods.

Join Us on a new Journey

We are delighted to welcome Aaron Smith to the Rebelway community, where his knowledge and enthusiasm will definitely inspire and motivate both budding artists and professionals alike. Having seen all this remarkable work, are you considering joining us for our upcoming course with Aaron?

Stay tuned for details on his future course and prepare to take your abilities to new heights with Rebelway.

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