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Our Courses Include

Hours of VFX Training

Project Files & Assets

24/7 Technical Support

Private Group Access

Lifetime Access

Online Networking Events

Instructor Feedback

Completion Certificates

Our community-centric courses are crafted to nurture a collaborative and exciting learning environment. With Rebelway, you will learn VFX while networking with fellow artists.

Our team of industry professionals are ready to help you achieve your CG goals. Let's grow your skills in the most exciting creative industry in the world.

It's time to unlock your creative potential.

A Custom Learning Platform

We've developed a virtual classroom platform designed to help you learn FX skills in a fun and engaging environment.
Our learning system provides quick communication between instructors and students.

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Our Rebel Instructors

Our team of instructors are industry professionals with decades of experience.
Saber Jlassi

Saber Jlassi

Igor Zanic - Online VFX Course Instructor

Igor Zanic

Urban Bradesko Online VFX Instructor

Urban Bradesko

Russ Gautier VFX Artist at Rebelway

Russ Gautier

Corbin Mayne VFX Artist

Corbin Mayne

Jayden Paterson VFX Artist

Jayden Paterson

Tarken Sarim VFX Artist

Tarkan Sarim

James Hodgart - VFX Artist & Online VFX Course Alumni

James Hodgart

Nick - VFX Artist at Rebelway

Nick Chamberlain

Sina Mehralinia

SJor Image - Online VFX Courses

Sjors De Laat

Gavin Thin VFX Artist & Rebelway Alumni

Gavin Thin

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A Vibrant VFX Community

Our online VFX community is engaged and rapidly growing. Every student gains exclusive access to fellow artists and a private network of industry pros.

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Points System - Rebelway Online VFX Courses


Earn rewards points towards future training for every course purchase and completion.

Online VFX Forum for VFX Courses


Engage in discussions with fellow FX students and chat with mentors directly on our private forums and chats.

TAs for Online VFX Courses


We have a dedicated team of FX artists ready to give feedback on your work and course projects.

Subtitles for Online VFX Courses


We are currently developing subtitles so VFX artists around the world can achieve their dreams.


Our online program is designed to help aspiring VFX artists have successful careers in FX & CG. Unlike other online schools, our affordable courses are exciting and tactical. Through our courses you will gain the exact skills you need to work on Hollywood-level VFX projects.

In fact, many of our alumni go on to get jobs working for studios such as Dreamworks, Blizzard, EA, & Google.

If you are a beginner, we recommend taking our Houdini Fundamentals course.

If you are already familiar with Houdini, we recommend taking Introduction to Houdini for FX. The course is designed to be an overview of the essential techniques required to work on realistic FX in a modern studio pipeline. By the end of this course you will have an intermediate level of Houdini knowledge.

If you are an experienced Houdini Artist, or if you already have an intermediate-level knowledge of the software, you can pick and choose any course on the site. Most of our courses are designed to give you specific skills required for different VFX projects (Water, Magic, etc.). So feel free to pick and choose as it makes sense for you.

However, if you ever have questions about which course is right for you, please reach out to our Student Assistance Team via our contact page. We’ll happily recommend the best course for you.

Yes! We are an online VFX school that delivers actionable and relevant FX education to the world.

Our online system allows us to deliver affordable education to aspiring CG artists around the world.

After successfully placing the order you will receive an email with complete instructions on how to access your courses and private forums.

The Rebelway online learning platform gives you lifetime access to all the videos and material provided with the workshops. You will also gain access to a private course forum and chat system forever. Once a rebel, always a rebel.

Every class has a dedicated professional instructor who will help you through lectures, project feedback, and Q&As. Every session is designed based on the needs of the student. As a result, every session is unique and updated with the latest FX techniques.

In our courses, you will have full-time support from our FXTAs ( FX Technical Assistants ). This artists will answer any questions you may have during the duration of the course.

Yes, we do offer Certificates of Completion with all our courses.

Yes, click here to download a free PDF with information regarding our courses, time commitment, and program features.

Our courses are designed to guide you through different modules at a comfortable and exciting pace. As a result, modules unlock on a weekly basis. If you purchased any of our short formed mini-courses, you will receive access to every lesson immediately. 

Rebelway does not currently offer subtitles.

However, we want our education to reach everyone around the world. As a result, we are currently working on subtitles for our workshops in English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and French. We strive to make our subtitles as good as we can. 

Courses are designed with the goal to teach students how to use a tool-set and develop problem-solving skills. As a result, they are benefited from a group environment with an instructor available to answer questions.

Tutorials on the other hand focus on solving one or two problems in specific topics. They are generally standalone and do not require the instructor’s support.

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